A curated collection of HUTS-designed and HUTS-approved gear. Things you need to search for land, explore your parcel, design your home and enjoy your property.

Unisex Organic Sweatshirt

How good is this sweatshirt? This is the kind of sweatshirt that you'll wear every other day for weeks on end. It'll become a part of your personality. Then, one day, it will go missing. You'll look everywhere for it. You finally think to look in your girlfriend or boyfriend's hamper. It's in there. They've tried to make it their own. It's that good.


Organic Dad Hat

You're turning into your parents. What's wrong with that? With a little distance and the rosy-hued lenses of time you're probably realizing they're pretty cool. Especially your dad. Especially if he ever had a hat like this. And even if he didn't, you should get one. Anyway, this is a really awesome hat.


Waffle Beanie

Made with a unique honeycomb-like weave, this waffle beanie will help you stay warm on all your outdoor adventures. Thanks to an adjustable cuff and flexible material, it'll fit your head snugly whether you're exploring waterfalls in the Catskills, sailing the Penobscot, picking off sections of the PCT, or just drinking a beer outside on a brisk fall day.


Corduroy Hat

Want to get a compliment everywhere you go? Get this corduroy HUTS hat. Soft. Durable. A head-turningly adorable all-season accessory.